School-Wide Events

​​GHS School-wide Events may be programs already occurring at your school (international day, school liturgy, service day). For them to be recognized as an official “School-wide Event” for the GHS program, it must have a component that focuses on global solidarity/ global social justice issues and should also utilize the resources (prayer services, lesson plans, research, videos, advocacy, Action Alerts) available on the CRS website. School-wide Events provide the entire school community the opportunity to engage in praying, learning acting and giving.

Eucharistic Adoration

The Eucharist is “the source and summit of the whole Christian life” (Lumen Gentium 11). It opens our hearts to engage with the divine, but also challenges us to discipleship in service of the most poor and vulnerable. Before the Blessed Sacrament, students pray for food security and an end to global hunger.
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Looking to raise awareness, educate and fundraise? Try a Dance-a-thon! Students (and if you choose, parents in a “Sweethearts Dance” model) can build community and have fun living their Catholic identity and globally defending human dignity.
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Full School Mural Activity

Solidarity with our neighbors overseas can be difficult without first finding solidarity within our community. The community mural is a way for a school to come together to create a mural that all community members have a hand in, and together reach out to our neighbors in the global community. The goal is to involve the entire school community in the creation of a mural that expresses both the school’s desire to live as one global family and desire to build peace in our world.
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Build Your Own CRS Program

Feeling creative? Want to fortify an already existing school-wide program or local social justice event with CRS global resources and vision? Bring to life your schools’ spiritual charism or theme for the year by deciding to Build your own School-Wide CRS Program.

Plan Your Next All-School Event
Create a planning team
Choose your event and create a budget
Promote and market your event
Evaluate & document your event