Global Emergency Response

How can Catholic high schools serve when a global emergency occurs? CRS is glad you asked.

CRS approaches its emergency response programming through a framework of saving lives, supporting livelihoods and strengthening civil society. Your school can engage in the global emergency response efforts of CRS through community wide Prayer, Learning, Action and Giving.
Learn More about CRS’ Current Emergency Response
Donate to Support Relief for a Current Emergency

  • Gather your school community for liturgy and use the intercessions provided by CRS
  • Invite teachers to lead their classes in prayer for both those affected by disaster and for those providing response
  • Hold a candlelight prayer service for school families and community members especially those with personal connection to the region affected
  • Gather up-to-date information regarding global emergencies and CRS’ response
  • Discuss the widespread impact of a global emergency including: education, economics, government, housing, family, psychological well-being, health (including water and sanitation, injuries, risk of disease, malnutrition and dehydration)
  • Research the components of responding to a global emergency using CRS website resources
  • Explore the geography, history, art, music, languages, foods, customs and dances of the area affected
Act / Give
  • Build an emergency transitional shelter on school property to raise awareness of the emergency
  • Remove homeroom desks/ lunchroom tables and after the class ask how students felt to have their regular routine disrupted (angry, frustrated, inconvenienced) then discuss others’ total disruption of life after an emergency
  • Challenge another high school to a fundraising contest
  • Gather your school together and utilize a CRS video or resource
  • Fundraise by holding a Faculty/ Student basketball benefit night where you charge admission
  • Celebrate student creativity by hosting a Fair Trade Coffeehouse where students recite poetry and bands/ musicians play
  • Hold an out-of-uniform day to benefit those affected by the emergency