Global Emergency Response

How can Catholic high schools serve when a global emergency occurs? CRS is glad you asked.

Global High School participation in Global Emergency Response includes engagement in all three 
areas: Prayer, Learning and Acting/Giving. Below are some suggestions:

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  • Gather your school community for liturgy and use the intercessions provided by CRS
  • Invite teachers to lead their classes in prayer for both those affected by disaster and for those providing response
  • Hold a candlelight prayer service for school families and community members especially those with personal connection to the region affected
  • Gather up-to-date information regarding global emergencies and CRS’ response
  • Discuss the widespread impact of a global emergency including: education, economics, government, housing, family, psychological well-being, health (including water and sanitation, injuries, risk of disease, malnutrition and dehydration)
  • Research the components of responding to a global emergency using CRS website resources
  • Explore the geography, history, art, music, languages, foods, customs and dances of the area affected
Act / Give
  • Build an emergency transitional shelter on school property to raise awareness of the emergency
  • Remove homeroom desks/ lunchroom tables and after the class ask how students felt to have their regular routine disrupted (angry, frustrated, inconvenienced) then discuss others’ total disruption of life after an emergency
  • Challenge another high school to a fundraising contest
  • Gather your school together and utilize a CRS video or resource
  • Fundraise by holding a Faculty/ Student basketball benefit night where you charge admission
  • Celebrate student creativity by hosting a Fair Trade Coffeehouse where students recite poetry and bands/ musicians play
  • Hold an out-of-uniform day to benefit those affected by the emergency