CRS Rice Bowl

Lent has arrived.

Make sure every student has a CRS Rice Bowl and that every teacher has downloaded prayers and activities from the Youth in Solidarity Reflections resource. This way, every classroom will be ready to encounter Lent. How can your school use this holy season as a gateway to global solidarity? We’re glad you asked.

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  1. Develop a CRS Rice Bowl implementation plan: Planning includes establishing how CRS Rice Bowls will be distributed at your school, identifying what CRS Rice Bowl activities your school will take part in, setting a goal for sacrificial giving and identifying a plan for collecting the CRS Rice Bowl gifts. 
  2. Order, Download and Utilize CRS Rice Bowl materials: Materials include the high school focused Youth in Solidarity Reflections Guide—designed for high schools and available at—prayer services, videos, international meatless recipes, and more
  3. Do at least one CRS Rice Bowl activity in the school: Below are some of the ideas high schools have used in the past. Feel free to be creative! We would love you to tell CRS Rice Bowl about your activity on social media, using #EncounterLent and @CRSRiceBowl!
  4. Collect Lenten sacrifices and return donation to CRS or your local diocese at end of Lent: Remember that CRS Rice Bowl serves those in need both globally and locally. Seventy-five percent of gifts support CRS’ humanitarian programs around the world. Twenty-five percent of gifts remain in each U.S. diocese where they were donated for hunger and poverty alleviation efforts in those local communities.

Global High School participation in CRS Rice Bowl includes engagement in prayer, learning, acting and giving. Below are some suggestions:

  • Engage the whole school in fasting through simple meatless meals in the cafeteria
  • Challenge students to track their Lenten sacrifices using the app
  • Invite students to reflect on preparing CRS Rice Bowl meatless recipes at home
  • Encourage friendly competition among classrooms—and give away fair trade prizes
  • Challenge students to set personal almsgiving goals using the app and watch as their virtual CRS Rice Bowls fill up
  • Gather your school together with the CRS Rice Bowl Offertory Prayer to End Your Lenten Journey and be sure to remind all students to return their Lenten sacrifices