CRS FoodFast

How can Catholic high schools use the resources of the CRS Food Fast Program?

Global High School participation in Food Fast includes engagement in all three 
areas: Prayer, Learning and Acting/Giving. Below are some suggestions:

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  • Utilize the prayer services present in the CRS Food Fast Program for morning announcements, faculty meetings or assemblies
  • Examine the connection between Eucharistic theology and global hunger
  • Provide Eucharistic Adoration for Food Security for the school community (a CRS resource) and integrate components of the FoodFast program before and after Adoration for participants
  • Adapt the FoodFast activities as creative illustrations of existing social justice curriculum in classrooms
  • Weave any of the learning and/or prayer elements of CRS FoodFast into school-wide activities focusing on hunger, global solidarity, and Catholic Social Teaching themes or
  • Utilize FoodFast resources in the preparation of students for short-term mission experiences (e.g. Spring Break work camp, ongoing service experience, etc.)
  • Use the 24-hour or 10-hour version as an optional retreat experience, a formation experience for student leaders or a unique learning experience on hunger and poverty for the entire school community.
  • Sponsor a Parent/Student hunger awareness night with the Family Night Module.
  • Explore the amount of wasted food in the school’s cafeteria and explore ways to reduce that waste. Use FoodFast resources and tools as part of raising awareness
  • Tie a local service day where the school collects canned goods or serve in a soup kitchen to global hunger using the retreat resources in CRS Food Fast

CRS FoodFast

Open students’ eyes to the realities of hunger. Explore the obstacles to food security and the numerous ways the Catholic Church strives to remove them throughout the world.  Inspire students to get involved in efforts that help bring an end to hunger and foster change in the world.


Through fasting, learning activities, social analysis, reflection, service and prayer, students come face-to-face with the reality of hunger for nearly 1 billion people in the world. 


  1. You can choose between themes with local and global dimensions, for example:
    • ENOUGH: If indeed there is ENOUGH food for all, why do so many go without ENOUGH food in their lives?! Explore hunger and food security issues in a world of plenty.
    • JUST Food: What does it means to have a just or “right” relationship with food? Explore the relationship between our attitudes and use of food and our Catholic faith. Discover how our lifestyles and eating habits can foster food justice and food security locally and globally.
  2. It’s easy and accessible! All the FREE resources are available for download at
  3. Students are provided simple, concrete ways to respond to global hunger and get involved with the mission and work of CRS through social media, service, awareness-raising and fundraising.
  4. You become part of a growing community of schools and parishes participating in CRS FoodFast.