CRS Ethical Trade

How can Catholic high schools engage in Ethical Trade?

The CRS Ethical Trade program helps young people to live their faith through reflection, education and action. The program offers turn-key fair trade sales and fundraisers for high school as well as hundreds of ethically produced products from nearly 20 partners. Prayers, faith formation activities, and stories help students to connect with the people behind the products. 

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Global High School participation in CRS Ethical Trade includes engagement in the areas of Prayer, Learning and Acting/Giving. Below are some suggestions:

  • Host a CRS Ethical Trade Event at your school. From coffee and chocolate fundraisers to fair trade sales there is an option for every school!  
  • Become an official fair trade school through Fair Trade Campaigns. By building a team, committing to fair trade education and events, and sourcing fair trade products, your school can receive official fair trade designation—and national recognition!
  • Every time you make a purchase from one of our partners, a donation is made to the CRS Fair Trade Fund and invested in CRS projects around the world.