How can Catholic high schools participate in legislative advocacy regarding global issues?

Global High School participation in Advocacy includes engagement in all three
 areas: Prayer, Learning and Acting/Giving. Below are some suggestions: Catholic Relief Services has created an Advocacy Toolkit with resources about both the Church’s involvement in advocacy and how to advocate effectively. 

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  • Pray for legislators making decisions that will affect our poor and vulnerable brothers and sisters around the world.
  • Celebrate that the call to Advocacy stems from our Catholic faith. As disciples we are called to raise our voices on behalf of our brothers and sisters around the world.
  • Explore critical policy issues related to improving the lives of poor and vulnerable people worldwide.
  • Receive CRS Action Alerts regarding current global concerns and discuss how to engage the school community in response
  • Examine the legislative process and how it relates to advocacy
  • Identify key committees in Congress and key advocacy terms
Act / Give
  • Write an Effective Letter to your members of Congress CRS provides you with guidelines about writing effective letters!
  • Schedule a Meeting with your members of Congress CRS provides you with the method to schedule a meeting!
  • Meet with your member of Congress CRS provides you with best practices and tips regarding meeting with members of Congress!
  • Use Social Media for Advocacy CRS can give you tips on how to use social media to affect change!