Core Programs

Praying, learning, acting and giving are at the heart of the CRS Core Programs in the United States. The Catholic Relief Services’ Core Programs provide a variety of resources for schools to engage with our global human family.

CRS Rice Bowl

CRS Rice Bowl is Catholic Relief Services’ Lenten program for high schools and other faith communities in the United States who want to put their faith into action. Through CRS Rice Bowl, students are invited to hear stories about their brothers and sisters in need around the world, and devote their Lenten prayers, fasting and alms to change the lives of those who suffer in poverty.

CRS Rice Bowl in Your School

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Part of leading the way means looking at the bigger picture and imagining what can—and should—be. In this, we are challenged to address structural issues in our world that prevent individuals and communities from thriving. Advocacy is one important way to do this. Educate students about how they can use their voices to create real, positive impact in our world.

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